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Greenhouse films are used to insulate, heat, harvest the crops or plants. High-quality greenhouse film products ensure the right microclimate. However, greenhouse plastic film helps to enhance and secure the yield. Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is exposed to high UV radiation, heat build-up on the greenhouse supports saves crop protection as well as soil disinfection chemicals. Therefore, Greenhouse films with additives have to be stabilized with the right light stabilizers and UV absorbers.

Greenhouse films provide an ideal environment for plants. They protect the vegetables, fruits, plants from the climatic conditions such as frost, wind, and rain and also ensure uniformly high quality and help fruits, vegetables and flowers to ripen faster. Hence, there is a huge demand for greenhouse film manufacturers in the market. Greenhouse Films industry also helps to reduce water consumption by reducing evaporation. Moreover, the modern plastic film can be customized especially to the unique light and temperature requirements of many field-grown crops.

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