Automatic Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Thermo forming Machines developed by Global Thermo formers specially caters to form Disposable containers from 50 ml to 300 ml. Wide range of thermoplastic viz. HIPS, PVC, PET, PP can be formed into tumblers, drinking glass, any deep drawn containers. Infrared ceramic heaters are used for pressure forming. Average speed of production is 1800 – cycles/hour.  This range of automatic thermo forming machine is available in aluminum & steel bodies, manufactured in accordance with the international quality parameters.


Features of  Automatic Thermoforming Machines:


  • Hi-tech self loading reel holder to load heavy large diameter reels.
  • The film in-feed is through the proven and tested high strength chain system which ensures high speed and precision feeding.
  • The film is heated either on one side or both depending on type of film & production requirement through true infrared ceramic heaters .
  • The forming station comprises of highly smooth and heavy duty mobile platens operated by air cylinders. The fine quality thin walled disposables are formed by automatic forming. The cooling is accomplished by chilled water generated by chiller of appropriate capacity.
  • Featured with a jet of air which automatically operates by ejection of the thin walled containers
  • An external control panel along with all necessary controls installed is provided for the setting up of the machine.
  • Cam controlled system

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