Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Automatic vacuum forming machines is a high performance low power consumption machines which produces Plastic Articles and Blisters of regular and irregular shapes from 12-15 Strokes per min. For a more uniform thickness Plug assist is provided as an option. The roll feeding, forming, clamping, loading and unloading is fully automatic. Single/Double side heating by means of true infrared ceramic heaters. Various thermoplastics, sheets as PVC, HIPS, LDPE, ABS, EPS, PP can be processed.


Features of Auotmatic vacuum forming machine:


  • Fully automatic roll feeding, forming, clamping, heating, loading and unloading.
  • Equipped with True Infra-red Ceramic elements for power saving and uniform heat distribution.
  • The width and travel of the roll can be adjusted in the machine to suit the size and shape of the forming die to minimize wastage of material.
  • Provide with in-line cutting facilities, if desired on line vertical slitting system with scrap disposable system also provided.
  • Suitable for various material such as PVC, HIPS up to 1.5 mm thickness and EPS up to 3mm thickness.
  • Built-in-water circulation arrangement for the cooling of dies.
  • Economic system to produce shallow drawn items like trays, plates, lunch and dinner boxes, lids, etc.
  • Also ideal for vacuum forming of plastic articles like cosmetic tray, seed trays, burger boxes, ampoules tray, partition trays, etc. and blister forming for wide varieties of food, pharma and consumer products like batteries, pencil cell, tooth brush. Etc.

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