Special Purpose Forming Machines

Thermoforming has now found diverse applications. The R & D division has developed a very unique design for this type of machines and each of these has features that make these machines at par with the best available in the market.


Customer's specific requirements are borne in mind during the design and fabrication of the Special purpose forming machines.

There are different techniques that are in use for the forming operation these being the Pre-blow, plug assist or a combination of these techniques. Also has an ability to form sheets up to a maximum thickness of 8 mm.


Host of controls with operator-friendly operations, safety and efficient running of the machine are provided.


As the name suggests this machine can form large sized items and applications limited by ones own imagination. Items like interiors for luxury buses and aircrafts, liners for refrigerators, AC, suitcases, bath cabinets, tubs and other sanitary ware.


Features :     


  • Substantial material saving.
  • Mass production at lower material cost.
  • Divided overheads - Thus, High Return On Investment.
  • Changes Mould in minimum time provided a simple operation of push button on easy changing at your finger tips!
  • Manual interface is negligible, thus, reduces Mould change time.
  • Speedy performance, significant output in lesser time.
  • Automatic setting of Temperature with memory.

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