Blister Forming Machine

Skin & Blister Forming Machines has a robust construction and is a heavy duty machine is suitable for Skin Packing, Blister Forming & Shallow Receptacle / Vessel. The forming areas vary from 6”X 8” (150mm X 200 mm) to 24”X 24” (600mm X 600mm) with a maximum forming depth up to 6” (150mm). The machine also has facilities for Auto Cycle, Auto Clamping, Auto Ejection, Heat Zone Control with Plug Assist, Double side heating as optional.


Features of Skin & Blister Forming Machine:


  • Substantial material saving.
  • Mass production at lower material cost.
  • Divided overheads - Thus, High Return On Investment.
  • Changes Mould in minimum time provided a simple operation of push button on easy changing at your finger tips!
  • Manual interface is negligible, thus, reduces Mould change time.
  • Speedy performance, significant output in lesser time.
  • Automatic setting of Temperature with memory.

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