Melt Blenders for Extrusion

The production of high-quality products also takes top priority in extrusion processes. Uneven wall thickness, long cooling time, flow lines or other quality issues are often limiting the maximum production capacity. Promix melt blenders for extrusion process overcome such limitations effectively and lead to significant cost savings. Many processors could also increase the production capacity of their extrusion line.


The static mixer or melt blender is usually installed after the screen changer and gear pump in front of the die. The melt blender usually consists of four to six mixing elements which homogenize the polymer melt in a radial direction. This ensures a high mixing degree of the melt entering the die which leads to high quality end products. The product is usually supplied as a complete system including housing, adapters and heating.


These melt blenders are used in various applications such as cable sheathing, compounding, extrusion blow molding, XPS foam boards, sheet & profile extrusion, pipe extrusion, thin film & blown film extrusion and rigid PVC & rubber extrusion.


Promix melt blenders benefits:


  • Higher throughput
  • Excellent distribution of all additives
  • Consistent quality and optimal inflow of melt into the die
  • Elimination of flow lines
  • Homogenous temperature and velocity


Promix offers you effective static mixer and melt blender solutions including extrusion housings at low investment cost.

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