Mixing Nozzles for Injection Molding

Processing problems in injection molding such as the formation of color streaks are frequently solved by modifying the process parameters. But in cases involving self-coloring of products, this approach is often only partially successful. Masterbatch concentration and screw back pressure have to be increased in such cases, leading to a substantial inflation of production costs. Through installation of a static mixer - so called mixing nozzles, Promix Solutions offers a simple but ingenious solution to any molder aiming to produce qualitatively high-grade plastic parts at reasonable cost. Our mixing nozzles for injection molding assure you consistently homogeneous melt, guaranteed by their patented geometry. Benefits of using mixing nozzles for injection molding are obvious: better quality of the produced part, reduced colorant consumption, fewer rejects, lower costs and greater return.


Promix Mixing Nozzles replace the existing nozzle of your injection molding machine and are delivered for ready- to-install within just 3 weeks. The nozzle is installed in next to no time allowing immediate continuation of your production.

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