Promix Foam Extrusion Systems

Save money with microcellular foams and get the unique, license free retrofit solution. With Promix foam extrusion system, conventional extrusion lines can be quickly and easily turned into foam extrusion lines. Promix Solutions analyzes your current extrusion process on suitability for foaming and offers a customized retrofit solution for your application. The patented technology, foam extrusion system, relies on cost-saving and eco-friendly gases such as CO2 and nitrogen. The retrofit solution is suitable for both, substitution of chemical foaming additives with physical blowing agents and conversion from solid to foam production. The investment usually pays back within just a few months.


Promix Foam Extrusion Systems are installed downstream of the existing extruder barrel and consist of components for fluid injection, homogenization and cooling. The blowing fluid is provided by a high precision gas dosing station. Depending on the application, the existing extruder configuration and the desired foam specification, we will provide you with a customized solution for your individual process.

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