Melt Coolers and Heat Exchangers

In many processes the total line capacity can be significantly increased, thanks to improved cooling.


Promix Solutions offers a wide variety of highly efficient melt coolers and heat exchangers for high viscosity fluids and melts. During cooling or heating process, the melt is homogenized over the whole cross section, leading to effective heat exchange with minimal risk of foul (building of deposits). Because of the very narrow residence time distribution there is a minimal risk of product decomposition.


In cooling processes viscous fluids tend to deposit at the cooling wall sections (fouling) leading to reduced cooling efficiency. In the Promix Melt Cooler (PMC) the melt flows in a single stream through the cooler. The cooling media flows in special pipe bundles arranged similar to those of the Promix mixing elements. The intense mixing together with the very high heat exchange surface area leads to effective cooling with very limited risk of fouling. Due to a void volume of about 75 % the resulting pressure drop in a PMC is rather low. The PMC can as well be used for gentle heating with only small temperature difference between heating media and fluid.

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