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Product Development Process

Product Development Process

Regina Industries provide product development services for new projects. The company’s in-house engineers use the latest 3D modeling/rendering software, such as SolidWorks CAD, to develop your product prototype optimised to your technological and costing needs. Our company handles the entire product development process, from design through to moulding, using state-of-the-art machinery and superior expertise.

Regina focuses on three phases in the product development process of plastic parts:

a. Product Development Design

The design phase comes after conceptualization of the final product based on customer requirements, constraints, plant requirements, regulatory viewpoints and others. We will produce engineering designs of products and also work on designs provided by the client.

SolidWorks is the high-end CAD software used to design and analyse concepts. The final design is designated with precise engineering parameters along with their tolerance values.

However, the role of designing doesn’t end with geometry. Our design software has inbuilt analysis modules that measure the effects various external influences have on that particular variant of the design. These modules can include Finite Element Analysis software, NASTRAN, FORTRAN and many others. These allow for corrections and modifications of the simulated product.

Other functions of design software are simulation and quality control, which include non-destructive testing.

b. Product Development Prototype

Once the design phase is complete, the methods of manufacturing the prototype - the initial variant of a new device - are laid down. This involves designing CNC machining instructions and the tools required to manufacture the prototype. The performance of the prototype is analyzed using PLM software and is modified as per the results.

c. Product Development Engineer

The designers at the company then create a scaled, mass-producible product from the prototype with all the additional features and modifications required. Since the company mainly produces plastic products, it creates moulds and dies to produce the final product and uses only industrial grade polymers as the moulding material. Regina Industries also uses a line of sophisticated plastic moulding machine to fabricate the final product.

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