Regina Industries Ltd.

Regina Industries Ltd.

Regina Building, Brookhouse Road,
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Staffordshire, ST5 7RU,

Tubular Glass Containers

Tubular Glass Containers

The company manufactures tubular glass vials and containers, and offers three material variants of pharmaceutical-grade tubular glass:

1. Soda Glass

A regular kind of glass used in all applications, soda glass containers are produced using blowing, moulding and other machining techniques. This glass is an optimal option when the applications do not demand resistance against thermal shock (cycles of rapid cooling and heating).

2. Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass, also called "Pyrex" glass, has two main constituents - boric oxide and silica. This type of glass is useful for labware and kitchenware as it has a low coefficient of expansion, meaning it can bear heavy thermal loads for long periods of time.

3. Neutral Glass

Neutral glass, as the name suggests, is a median between borosilicate glass and soda glass. It contains less soda ash but more silica and boron than soda glass. It is distinct from borosilicate but still nearly as heat resistant.

The company’s machines can process glass diameters from 4mm to 80mm and lengths from 20mm to 1,000mm; round and flat bases, with or without rim.

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