Hot Runner Coil Heaters & Mould Heaters

Hot runner coil heaters are majorly used in the plastic and packaging industry in order to heat the parts in various shapes and geometries. Hot Runner Heaters and Mould Heaters encompasses high performance and they are used when space is limited. They need high power and are narrow and flat heating elements. Hot runner injection mould heaters can be in diverse shapes and geometries.

With the heavy usage of these heaters, there is a huge demand for Hot Runner Mould Heater Manufacturers in the market. Hot runner coil heaters are also used in the chemical process, hot-stamp, automotive and glass industries, cast and wood processes too.


  • Hot runner coil heaters can be manufactured with ‘j’ or ‘k’ type thermo couple inside and with various different power fields.
  • Sheath material of coil heaters is made of using stainless steel and Ni-Cr (80/20) resistance wire that melts in 1300C and magnesium oxide powder (MgO).

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