Nozzle Heater Manufacturers

SER  Rezistans nozzle heaters are used for heating manifold feeding nozzles and main feeding nozzles of injection molding machines. As one of the leading Nozzle heater manufacturers, we manufacture these products following the international standards. These heaters are composed of clamps, resistant wires, heat resistant cables and stealth materials.

Our nozzle heaters are of two types. They are:

  • Mica Insulated Nozzle Heaters
  • Ceramic Insulated Nozzle Heaters

Technical Specifications:


Working temperature upto 350 C
Maximum power density Up to 5,5 W/cm² (35 W/in²)
Diameter Range from Ø20 mm to Ø110 mm
Length Range from 22 mm to 80 mm
Power Point 110 W to 900 W
Working Voltage 230 V


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