Industrial Band Heaters

SER High-quality Band Heaters can be used for the applications that require high working temperature. The working temperature can reach up to 1400 °F depending on the application. Our band heaters are manufactured with a galvanized steel shroud and also stainless steel. To intercept the heat loss, Mica and fiber insulation sheet is incorporated between the outside shroud and the ceramics. This helps Industrial Band Heaters to be highly efficient and reduces operating costs.


  • The interlocking facility makes band heaters flexible.
  • They are less prone to expansion problems
  • They provide good thermal conductivity.

To provide the longest possible functional life, we use high-quality nickel-chromium on all our products. Ceramic band heaters that are manufactured with holes, slots, notches, European plugs can satisfy all types of requirements. Great flexibility for field wiring can be proffered through various terminals, wire lead adoption, and terminal boxes. SER Rezistans band heaters are installed on a round die to avoid damages and deformation during transit. We also provide various heaters such as nozzle band heater, mica band heaters and so on.

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