Infrared Heating Solutions

Infrared heating systems are used effectively in the manufacturing sector. These Industrial Infrared Heaters are used in processes such as curing, drying, heating, sintering, sterilization and many other similar processes.

Now-a-days, the industrial manufacturing costs very high and this led many industries to consider other alternatives to reduce energy costs either industrial or domestic. Low sensitive heat control of conventional heating systems, longcut-in and cut-out times, and high energy costs lead the industries to find a suitable solution. They discovered to build infrared heating systems. However, developing of new infrared sensitive coating and dyeing materials lead towards the development of new infrared reflectors such as lamps and control systems.

Infrared heaters are used majorly in infrared modules or emitter banks that combine many heaters to achieve larger heated areas. They can be operated in vacuum or atmosphere and they are usually classified by the wavelength they emit.

Infrared Heating Solutions can satisfy a variety of heating requirements, including

  • Fast response time that is in 1-2 seconds
  • Significantly high temperatures, limited largely by the maximum temperature of the emitter.
  • Temperature gradients, especially on material webs with high heat input.
  • Focused heated area respective to conductive and convective heating methods
  • Non-contact, thereby not disturbing the product as conductive or convective heating methods does.

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