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Mr. Thomson Tan
Natty Team Group

Our goal is to bring people together creating stronger bonds between family members and friends generating healthier lifestyle and sustaining greenery at the same time.. More information...

Abderahmane Ouhbi

Our products are in use in all branches of industry where warmth plays a role in production Though special characteristic features our technical innovations are decisive in helping to improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers The wide range of products variations and precision solutions ensure that we can offer a complete overall electrical heating technology package in many sectors.. More information...

Mr. Shirish V Divgi
Ferromatik Milacron India

Globally Plastics industry is expected to grow at around 56 per annum while developing countries like India and other Asian and African countries are expected to grow at a rate of 1012 per annum .. More information...

Khushboo Doshi
Rajoo Engineers Limited

Good days ahead for Indian Plastics Industry says KHUSHBOO DOSHI The planned expenditure in infrastructure will surely give a boost to the manufacture and consumption of plastics goods Plastics today find a wide use in the following sectors buildings roads agriculture and similar infrastructure sectors and will thus get a boost.. More information...