Chemicals, Additives and Masterbatches

There are more than 3000 different chemical additives used in processing of plastic. Masterbatches are used to change plastic polymers properties in the plastic industry and these formulated compounds enhance the physical properties of the polymer, which in turn helps in reducing the production cost. Manufacturing of Masterbatches is chosen by many businesses as it is less expensive when compared to buying a material, which is completely compounded.

These are solid or liquid additive for plastics used for colouring plastics named colour masterbatches or passing other properties to additive masterbatches. The key advantage of choosing Additives for Compounds and Masterbatches help to focus additive availability and adaptability. Chemicals and additives resolve problems that are raised while manufacturing the plastics. So, it is important to ensure that masterbatches and plastics system remain in proper working order.

Below is a list of suppliers and manufacturers who specialise in providing Plastic Additives and Masterbacthes: